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Tina Nitz is a professional portrait photographer located in St. Augustine, Florida, selfiespecializing but not limited to newborn, baby, children’s custom portraits (and the families that come with them). She has been operating Nitz Photography, LLC since May 2004 and is known for her patience, expertise, experience and unequaled ability to capture the heart and essence of each newborn, child and family she photographs. Her ability to patiently wait for your newborn to drift to sleep in order to capture that sleepy grin or to wait for the perfect moment to capture as a toddler tells a story is what brings her clients to her repeatedly. Her lengthy experience working with newborns as well as her knowledge of newborn safety make her the perfect choice as your newborn photographer. Her studio was one of the very first in the Jacksonville area to specialize in custom newborn portraiture. Tina’s studio is located in a large dedicated studio space within her personal residence. Because of this her sessions are quiet, feel comfortable just like home and loving which allow children as well as parents to relax and be themselves. She loves her job – her work – and it shows with each image she takes. There are many photographers these day from which to choose and I hope the experience and love shows through each image you see here, so that when you do schedule a session you know that you are choosing the right photographer, one with experience,  to capture your little one and family.

Some of Tina’s images can be found in the NICU at both St. Vincent’s Hospital Locations in Jacksonville, Florida.


 A note from Tina:

As you can see above – I am not only a photographer but also a mother of two handsome and crazy boys!

A few things about me personally:

  • I do not love being in FRONT of the camera… I much prefer to be behind it.
  • I LOVE cheesecake ice cream…mmmmm  Throw in some graham crackers and maybe some raspberries!!!
  • Hello.. my name is Tina… and I’m a Dr. Pepper addict.
  • When I’m not photographing (and being a mom, taxi driver, referee, housekeeper, locater of all things lost) I am reading quietly (this happens less than I’d like)
  • I abhor mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup. It truly repulses me.
  • I’m a marching band mom!
  • Photography is my passion and has been since I was a child. I take pictures of EVERYTHING.


We are so happy you are here. Please take a few moments to browse through the site to get to know Nitz Photography, view the galleries to see the fabulous images we have captured for other families. Our most recent work can be found on the blog and on our Facebook page!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have by the contact link above, direct email or by phone at 904-472-7060.

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