the studio

Nitz Photography LLC is located in the World Golf Village area of St. Augustine, Florida. The studio itself can be found in a large dedicated loft in Tina’s private residence. This is awesome!!  It allows for the comforts of home for your session while still maintaining a professional space!

A lovely panorama of the whole studio (minus the actual stairs). I’m standing dead center. The studio itself hosts 2 large windows and is approximately 300 square feet. You can see we have a small sofa for parents to comfortably sit on during sessions, a baby changing station, a large screen TV that we use for viewing and ordering sessions. You’ll also see the cubie shelving with the bead board front that is used for storage on the back and the front is used as a background itself but also has magnets that allow additional background to be placed on top. Behind that cubby wall are all the furs, blankets, etc that we use (see image below).  That piece of tan hanging down are our large paper rolls that we can pull to use as backgrounds as well. Under the TV is another wall we use for shooting – a most favorite background of all things little girl. And of course all the wraps, headbands, hats, etc. The multitude of baskets can be seen throughout the studio space. See that closet? It’s full of props too. And what you don’t see is my office space (behind one of those doors with all the hats). I’m going to refrain from showing that room. It’s often a disaster. The most creative minds work best in clutter, right? It also stores our many chairs, a few more baskets and buckets and other miscellaneous props. It’s not a huge space but it’s a great space and works perfectly!

Nitz Photography panoramic studio

A few detail shots from around the studio:

Nitz Photography studio images


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