St. Augustine baby photographer | {CAKE!}

This precious little boy came to visit me so we could celebrate his 1st birthday!!! And yes, of course we got to have some cake. Mom brought in a cute little cupcake for him to eat  destroy. AND that is exactly what he did.

Working with a 1 year old is… challenging. Those sweet little babies now have minds of their own and they love to climb on and in things, explore their surroundings and let you know exactly how they feel about the things that we want them to do. Here at Nitz Photography we welcome that and we work with that. We let those little ones walk around to explore things (and sometimes that means taking every last hat they can reach off the hangers or pulling out every single blanket from a basket), take breaks when they show us they need to and let them run the show while still keeping them safe and sound (such as allowing them to climb up on and over chairs but mom or dad are always right there out of frame to catch if need be).

We had a great time with this little ones portrait session and yes, he too, had a mind of his own about what he wanted to sit on, sit in, wear or just DO. And we rolled with it which is what gives us great captures!!


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