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So many times parents come in and ask me “what is your favorite age to photograph?” or variations of that (what’s my favorite, what’s the hardest or easiest age, etc).  I of course adore all my little friends that come to visit but I have to say that newborns and my “sitters” are my favorites and are a pretty close tie.  If I’m being forced to choose I guess it would all come down to the baby really as some newborns are easy to photograph while others are more difficult. Same goes for my “sitters” as well as some are very easy to photograph and others not quite as easy.

I will say that this precious little baby girl came in for her first portrait session with me last week and she is one of the happiest babies and was a lot of fun (and quite easy) to photograph. We played quite a bit changing clothing and backgrounds many times over since she was cooperative. We did take a moment in the middle of our session to have a quick snack as she started to run down but after that snack she was ready to go again and we had a blast! Mom and dad were so fun to work with as well and made me smile.

I warn you… we had fun so here are a TON of images from our session together.

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